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March 2008

Animal Behaviour March 2008 issue!

Animal Cognition arthropodaAment, S.A., Corona, M., Pollock, H.S. & Robinson, G.E. 2008. Insulin signaling is involved in the regulation of worker division of labor in honey bee colonies. PNAS 105: 4226-4231.       Group-dynamics       

Animal Cognition mammaliaArnold, K. & Zuberbuhler, K. 2008. Meaningful call combinations in a non-human primate. Current Biology 18: R202-R203.           Communication   

Animal Cognition mammaliaBelin, P., Fecteau, S., Charest, I., Nicastro, N., Hauser, M.D. & Armony, J.L. 2008. Human cerebral response to animal affective vocalizations. Proc. R. Soc. B. 275: 473-481.             Communication        
ScienceShots about Belin et al. 2008.

Animal Cognition arthropodaBlackiston, D.J., Silva Casey, E. & Weiss, M.R. 2008. Retention of memory through metamorphosis: can a moth remember what it learned as a caterpillar? PLoS Biology 3: e1736.       Learning & memory       
Science News, National Geographic, and New Scientist articles about Blackiston et al. 2008.

Animal CognitionBorenstein, E., Feldman, M.W. & Aoki, K. 2008. Evolution of learning in fluctuating environments: when selection favors both social and exploratory individual learning. Evolution 62: 586-602.         Learning & memory   

Animal Cognition avesCadieu, N., Winterton, P. & Cadieu, J.C. 2008. Social transmission of food handling in the context of triadic interactions between adults and young canaries (Serinus canaria). Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology 62: 795-804.   Learning&memory 

Animal Cognition arthropodaChiou, T-H., Kleinlogel, S., Cronin, T., Caldwell, R., Loeffler, B., Siddiqi, A., Goldizen, A. & Marshall, J. 2008. Circular polarization visioni in a stomatopod crustacean. Current Biology 18: 429-434.       Signals & signal detection    
ScienceNews about Chiou et al. 2008.

Animal Cognition arthropodaChuang, C., Yang, E. & Tso, I. 2008. Deceptive color signaling in the night: a nocturnal predator attracts prey with visual lures. Behavioral Ecology 19: 237-244.       Signals & signal detection     

Animal Cognition avesFeenders, G., Liedvogel, M., Rivas, M., Zapka, M., Horita, H., Haraa, E., Wada, K., Mouritsen, H. & Jarvis, E.D. 2008. Molecular mapping of movement-associated areas in the avian brain: a motor theory for vocal learning origin. PLoS ONE 3: e1768.   Learning&memory 

Animal Cognition avesGriesser, M., Nystrand, M., Eggers, S. & Ekman, J. 2008. Social constraints limit dispersal and settlement decisions in a group-living bird species. Behavioral Ecology 19: 317-324.    

Animal CognitionGould, J.L. 2008. Animal navigation: the longitude problem. Current Biology 18: R214-R216       Orientation & Navigation    

Animal Cognition mammaliaHollen, L.I., Clutton-Brock, T. & Manser, M.B. 2008. Ontogenic changes in alarm-call production and usage in meerkats (Suricata suricatta): adaptations or constraints? Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology 62: 821-829      Communication            Group-dynamics

Animal Cognition avesIhalainen, E., Lindstrom, L., Mappes, J. & Puolakkainen, S. 2008. Can experienced birds select for Mullerian mimicry? Behavioral Ecology 19: 362-368.          Signals & signal detection       

Animal Cognition mammaliaKlein, J.T., Deaner, R.O. & Platt, M.L. 2008. Neural correlates of social target value in Macaque parietal cortex. Current Biology 18: 419- 424.       Signals & signal detection       Communication         Neuroethology     

Animal Cognition mammaliaLiley, S. & Creel, S. 2008. What best explains vigilance in elk: characteristics of prey, predators, or the environment? Behavioral Ecology 19: 245-254.     Group-dynamics         

Animal Cognition arthropodaMaimon, G., Straw, A.D. & Dickinson, M.H. 2008. A simple vision-based algorithm for decision making in flying Drosophila. Current Biology 18: 464-470.           Decision-making        

Animal Cognition mammaliaMontemurro, M.A., Rasch, M.J., Murayama, Y., Logothetis, N.K. & Panzeri, S. 2008. Phase-of-firing coding of natural visual stimuli in primary visual cortex. Current Biology 18: 375-380.          Neuroethology    

Animal Cognition avesMonus, F. & Barta, Z. 2008. The effect of within-flock spatial position on the use of social foraging tactics in free-living tree sparrows. Ethology 114: 215-222.            Group-dynamics

Animal Cognition mammaliaMurphy, R.A., Mondragon, E. & Murphy, V.A. 2008. Rule learning by rats. Science 319: 1849-1851.     Learning & memory   

Animal Cognition mammaliaOkanoya, K., Tokimoto, N., Kumazawa, N., Hihara, S. & Iriki, A. 2008. Tool-use training in a species of rodent: the emergence of an optimal motor strategy and functional understanding. PLoS ONE 3: e1860.        Tool-use

Animal Cognition reptiliaSherrill-Mix, S.A., James, M.C. & Myers, R.A. 2008. Migration cues and timing in leatherback sea turtles. Behavioral Ecology 19: 231-236.       Orientation & Navigation        

molluscaShomrat, T., Zarrella, I., Fiorito, G. & Hochner, B. 2008. The octopus vertical lobe modulates short-term learning rate and uses LTP to acquire long-term memory. Current Biology 18: 337-342.       Learning & memory            

Animal Cognition avesSiddall, E.C. & Marples, N.M. 2008. Better be bimodal: the interaction of color and odor on learning and memory. Behavioral Ecology 19: 425-432.          Learning & memory          Signals & signal detection   

Animal Cognition mammaliaTaglialatela, J.P., Russell, J.L., Schaeffer, J.A. & Hopkins, W.D. 2008. Communicative signaling activates "Broca's" homolog in chimpanzees. Current Biology 18: 343-348.          Neuroethology       Communication  
New Scientist article about Taglialatela et al. 2008.

Animal CognitionWandell, B. 2008. Colour vision: cortical circuitry for appearance. Current Biology 18: R250-R251.   Signals & signal detection   

Animal Cognition avesWooley, S.C. & Doupe, A.J. 2008. Social context-induced song variation affects female behavior and gene expression. PLoS Biology 6: e62.       Signals & signal detection   

Animal Cognition arthropodaYamaguchi, S., Wolf, R., Desplan, C. & Heisenberg, M. 2008. Motion vision is independent of color in Drosophila. PNAS 105: 4910-4915.      Signals & signal detection   

Animal Cognition arthropodaYang, C-H., Belawat, P., Hafen, E., Jan, L.Y. & Jan, Y-N. 2008. Drosophila egg-laying site selection as a system to study simple decision-making processes. Science 319: 1679-1683.            Decision-making        

Animal Cognition mammaliaYovel, Y., Franz, M.O., Stilz, P., Schnitzler, H-U. 2008. Plant classification from bat-like echolocation signals. PLoS Computational Biology 4: e1000032.             Orientation & Navigation          Signals & signal detection     
Science News
about Yovel et al. 2008.


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