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June 2008

Animal Behaviour June 2008 issue!
Animal Cognition mammaliaGalef, B.G. & Whiskin, E.E. 2008. "Conformity" in Norway rats? Animal Behavior 75: 2035-2039.   
New Scientist news about Galef & Whiskin 2008.    

Animal Cognition mammalia Addessi, E., Mancini, A., Crescimbene, L., Padoa-Schioppa, C. & Visalberghi, E. 2008. Preference transitivity and symbolic representation in Capuchin Monkeys (Cebus apella). PLoS One 3: e2414.    
Science Daily news about Addessi et al. 2008.
Nature News article about Addessi et al. 2008.

Animal CognitionAlizon, S., Taylor, P. 2008. Empty sites can promote altruistic behavior. Evolution 62: 1335-1344.  Altruism    

Animal Cognition arthropodaBriffa, M., Rundle, S.D. & Fryer, A. 2008. Comparing the strength of behavioural plasticity and consistency across situations: animal personalities in the hermit crab Pagurus bernhardus. Proc. R. Soc. B. 275: 1305-1311.         Personality & behavioral syndromes

Animal Cognition arthropodaBurger, J.M.S., Kolss, M., Pont, J. & Kawecki, T.J. 2008. Learning ability and longetivity: a symmetrical evolutionary trade-off in Drosophila. Evolution 62: 1294-1304.      Learning & memory      

Animal Cognition arthropodaBush, A.A., Yu, D.W. & Herberstein, M.E. 2008. Function of bright coloration in the wasp spider Argiope bruennichi (Araneae: Araneidae). Proc. R. Soc. B. 275: 1337-1342.        Signals & signal detection       Communication  

Animal Cognition arthropodaCarde, R.T. 2008. Insect migration: do migrant moths know where they are heading? Current Biology 18: R472-R474.   Orientation&navigation   

molluscaCrook, R. & Basil, J. 2008. A biphasic memory curve in the chambered nautilus, Nautilus pompilius L. (Cephalopoda: Nautiloidea). Journal of Experimental Biology 211: 1992-1998.        Learning & memory   
Science Daily news about Crook & Basil 2008.

Animal Cognition mammalia Fraser, O.N., Stahl, D. & Aureli, F. 2008. Stress reduction through consolation in chimpanzees. PNAS 105: 8557-8562.  Group-dynamics        Empathy    
Science Daily news article about Fraser et al. 2008

Animal Cognition arthropodaGal, R. & Libersat, F. 2008. A parasitoid wasp manipulates the drive for walking of its cockroach prey. Current Biology 18: 877-882.          Signals & signal detection  
Current Biology article about Gal & Libersat 2008.

molluscaGlanzman, D.L. 2008. Octopus conditioning: a multi-armed approach to the LTP-learning question. Current Biology 18: R527-R530.        Learning & memory  

Animal Cognition arthropodaGould, J.L. 2008. Animal navigation: the evolution of magnetic orientation. Current Biology 18: R482-R484.  Orientation&navigation    

Animal Cognition arthropodaGruter, C., Balbuena, M.S. & Farina, W.M. 2008. Informational conflicts created by the waggle dance. Proc. R. Soc. B. 1640: 1321-1327.       Group-dynamics      Signals & signal detection       Communication       

Animal Cognition avesHackett, S.J., Kimball, R.T., Reddy, S., Bowie, R.C.K., Braun, E.L., Braun, M.J., Chojnowski, J.L., Cox, W.A., Han, K.L., Harshman, J., Huddleston, C.J., Marks, B.D., Miglia, K.J., Moore, W.S., Sheldon, F.H., Steadman, D.W., Witt, C.C. & Yuri, T. 2008. A phylogenomic study of birds reveals their evolutionary history. Science 320: 1763-1768.

Animal Cognition arthropodaHelantera, H. & Ratnieks, F.L.W. 2008. Geometry explains the benefits of division of labour in a leafcutter ant. Proc. R. Soc. B. 1640: 1255-1260.       Group-dynamics     

Animal Cognition mammaliaHeilbronner, S.R., Rosati, A.G., Stevens, J.R., Hare, B. & Hauser, M.D. 2008. A fruit in the hand or two in the bush? Divergent risk preferences in chimpanzees and bonobos. Biology Letters 4: 246-249.      Decision-making

Animal Cognition arthropodater Hofstede, H.M., Ratcliffe, J.M. & Fullard, J.H. 2008. Nocturnal activity positively correlated with auditory sensitivity in noctuoid moths. Biology Letters 4: 262-265.       Signals & signal detection  

Animal Cognition avesJackson, A.L., Ruxton, G.D. & Houston, D.C. 2008. The effect of social facilitation on foraging success in vultures: a modelling study. Biology Letters 4: 311-313.    

Animal CognitionJackson, D.E. 2008. Fresh insights into the evolution of communication. Current Biology 18: R503-R504.

Animal CognitionLogothetis, N.K. 2008. What we can do and what we cannot do with fMRI. Nature 453: 869-878.    Neuroethology         

Animal Cognition mammaliaMartin, A.R., da Silva, V.M.F. & Rothery, P. 2008. Object carrying as socio-sexual display in an aquatic mammal. Biology Letters 4: 243-245.       Tool-use

Animal Cognition arthropodaMartin, S.J., Vitikainen, E., Helantera, H. & Drijfhout, F.P. 2008. Chemical basis of nest-mate discrimination in the ant Formica exsecta. Proc. R. Soc. B. 275: 1271-1278.             Recognition   

Animal Cognition mammaliaMoeller, S., Freiwald, W.A. & Tsao, D.Y. 2008. Patches with links: a unified system for processing faces in the macaque temporal lobe. Science 320: 1355-1359.      Neuroethology     

Animal Cognition arthropodaNeuser, K., Triphan, T., Mronz, M., Poeck, B. & Strauss, R. 2008. Analysis of a spatial orientation memory in Drosophila. Nature 453: 1244-1247.           Learning & memory 
Nature article
about Neuser et al. 2008.

Animal Cognition arthropodaRogers, L.J. & Vallortigara, G. 2008. From antenna to antenna: Lateral shift of olfactory memory recall by honeybees. Plos ONE 3: e2340.       Learning & memory      

Animal Cognition avesSeed, A.M., Clayton, N.S. & Emery, N.J. 2008. Cooperative problem solving in rooks (Corvus frugilegus). Proc. R. Soc. B. 275: 1421-1429.        Group-dynamics     
Current Biology
article about Seed et al. 2008. Scientific American article about Seed et al. 2008.

Animal Cognition arthropoda Shafir, S., Reich, T., Tsur, E., Erev, I. & Lotem, A. 2008. Perceptual accuracy and conflicting effects of certainty on risk-taking behavior. Nature 453: 917-920.     Decision-making      
Science Daily news about Shafir et al. 2008.    

Animal Cognition amphibia
Shen, J., Feng, A.S., Xu, Z-M., Yu, Z.L., Arch, V.S., Yu, X-J. & Narins, P.M. 2008. Ultrasonic frogs show hyperacute phonotaxis to female courtship calls. Nature 453: 914-916.     Communication    Signals & signal detection    

Animal Cognition arthropoda Su, S., Cai, F., Si, A., Zhang, S., Tautz, J. & Chen, S. 2008. East learns from West: Asiatic honeybees can understand dance language of European honeybees. PLoS One 3: e2365.         Communication  

Animal Cognition arthropodaTheobald, J.C., Duistermars, B.J., Ringach, D.L. & Frye, M.A. 2008. Flies see second-order motion. Current Biology 18: R464-R465.       Signals & signal detection 

Animal Cognition arthropodaTibbetts, E.A. & Lindsay, R. 2008. Visual signals of status and rival assessment in Polistes dominulus paper wasps. Biology Letters 4: 237-239.           Signals & signal detection 

Animal Cognition mammaliaTye, K.M., Stuber, G.D., de Ridder, B., Bonci, A. & Janak, P.H. 2008. Rapid strengthening of thalamo-amyglada synapses mediates cue-reward learning. Nature 453: 1253-1257.           Learning & memory  

Animal Cognition mammaliaUlanovsky, N. & Moss, C.F. 2008. What the bat's voice tells the bat's brain. PNAS 105: 8491-8498.       Signals & signal detection      Neuroethology        Learning & memory 
Science Daily news about Ulanovsky & Moss 2008.

Animal Cognition mammaliaVan der Zee, E.A., Havekes, R., Barf, R.P., Hut, R.A., Nijholt, I.M., Jacobs, E.H. & Gerkema, M.P. 2008. Circadian time-place learning in mice depends on Cry genes. Current Biology 18: 844-848    Learning & memory      

Animal Cognition reptiliaVergne, A.L. & Mathevon, N. 2008. Crocodile egg sounds signal hatching time. Current Biology 18: R513-R514.   Signals & signal detection     Communication  
World Science News
about Vergne & Mathevon 2008.

Animal CognitionZuberbuhler, K. 2008. Gaze following. Current Biology 18: R453-R455.   Theory of mind  


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